s h o w s

u p c o m i n g

NO SHOWS just close, personal, familiar, trusting, loving with another person or group with whom there is shared knowledge, acceptance, and understanding at a distance

s h o w  a r c h i v e

☆ the hi hat ~ unscene fest 2018 nontoxic process ep release show 

☆ the echo ~ echo park rising 2018: sunday, august 19 

☆ bootleg theater ~ deep fields release show: sunday november 25, 2018

                                 w/ space equator (from vinyl williams, mt. ossa), alex andre

☆ teregram ballroom ~ w/ part time, vinyl williams: friday, march 15, 2019

☆ non plus ultra ~ the witching hours on KXLU presents: sunday, march 31, 2019

                                     w/ the stargazer lilies, sun colony

☆ moroccan lounge ~ goon, dead soft: thursday, april 11, 2019 

☆ highland park ebell ~ sid the cat presents: wednesday, may 1, 2019

                                               w/ mint field & gold cage

☆ echoplex ~ goon LP release show & special guest reggie watts: thursday, july 18, 2019  

 bootleg theater ~ sunday, august 25, 2019

                                      w/ shaki tavi, nqqv, chainsaw rainbow

 chewing foil ~ PEHRFEST 2019: saturday, september 14, 2019 ft. members of draag

      a 12-hour festival with 24 artists across the southland—in honor, in celebration, in memory of DIY ethics and creative  collectivism.

***invite only: please email draag1985@gmail.com or DM @draagsadpeople

☆ coaxial ~ w/ ceramiks, todavia, ter nurasunday, september 22, 2019